It is the era of Information and Communication Technology. Technology has influenced every sector of the society. Information explosion is taking place. ICT has influenced education sector too. Online admission, tutorials, examination and many more activities of the college are taking place with application of IT. A Spoken tutorial program is the one which supporting to develop the soft skills of the students for their career.

Spoken Tutorial is special program initiated by Ministry of Human Resources Development and sponsored program of IIT Bombay jointly organized by the Dept. of Collegiate Education.

Government First Grade College, Dharwad is been selected as resource centre by IIT Bombay and it was started from 2014-15. The main objective of this program is to develop and provide the Computer programming skills, IT Skills, fundamentals of computer knowledge through a distance mode. This program can be learned free of cost by using the video and audio with an expert faculty.

Through this program students can learn Linux, Ubunto, Libre Office, Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math, Php, My Sql, C/C++, Java, Net beans, Python & Scilab. These programmes have been developed by IIT Bombay.  So far about 300 students have completed the Spoken tutorials training programme under the Co-ordination of  Shri. Manjunath G L, Librarian, Praveen Hanchinal, Dept of Computer Science in the year 2014-15. This year will also continue the same training programme.

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