1. The conducting of Admission, Examination, Bus pass, Change of college, Cancellation of admissions, Scholarships according to the college schedule only.
  2. Issue of examination Hall tickets, Marks cards, Issue and return of Library Books, according to the college schedule only.
  3. Every academic activity is monitored by the course co-coordinators and class mentors.
  1. Each activity of the college is monitored by Co-ordinators of various committees
  2. For office work student should not bunk their classes.
  3. Students are advised before approaching directly to the principal for office work, they must consult the office staff of the college as per shift basis. (For I shift 12.30 to 1.30 and II Shift 4.30 to 5.30 pm)
  4. For any academic and non academic grievances student are advised to meet the concerned CR’s, class mentors or Course Co-ordinators.
  5. For any suggestions or grievances students are advised to put the written slips in the suggestion box kept in the college premises.
  6. Students must get attestation of Xerox copies, from respective class mentors only.
  7. Students must see that their TC should reach to the college before conducting of the First Internal Test.
  8. Those who are willing to avail the fees concession, at the time of admission they must submit through online application to claim the same from concerned departments (e.g. Social Welfare, BCM, and other departments).
  9. The copies of Scholarship application submitted through online has to be submitted to the college office for claiming the fees concession.
  10. The students are advised to apply various Scholarship and Rajiv Gandhi Loan scholarships facilities of the Government for pursuing their higher education.
  11. Every student has to give the feedback of the concerned subject teacher and office staff.
  12. Students are advised to regularly check the college website for updated notices and circulars.


  1. No entry in the College campus without Dress Code and Identity Card introduced by the College.
  2. Chewing of Pan, Supari, Gutka, Tobacco, and the use of Mobile Phones are strictly banned in the College campus.
  3. Maintaining discipline, Cleanliness and Decorum in the College campus is the responsibility of every Student.
  4. Ragging, Sexual Harassment and Groupism is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  5. College is under CCTV surveillance.
  6. Any mischievous or guiltiness found in the premises appropriate action will be taken by the disciplinary committee.
  7. Any Loss or damage of the any property of the college made by the guilty will be recovered.
  8. Roaming by outsiders or anybody in the college campus unnecessarily will be called for disciplinary action immediately.
  9. No bunking of any classes.
  10. The college is not responsible for any belonging things of students. 


  1. Regular attendance is compulsory. Each student should have a minimum of 80% attendance to appear for the Semester Examination.
  2. Each student has to face Two Internal Tests and assignments in each Semester which is compulsory.
  3. The test will be conducted on the 8th Week and the 12th Week after the re-opening of the college.
  4. Participating in Seminars/ workshops and Group Discussion is compulsory.
  5. The Qualifying aggregate mark for passing is 40.
  6. Each student has to score a minimum of 32 marks out of 80; otherwise he will be declared as fail.
  7. Industrial & Field Visits compulsory.


  1. Department wise Special Lecture Series.
  2. Special Coaching Classes.
  3. Remedial Classes.
  4. Seminars / Workshops / Conferences.
  5. Group Discussions.
  6. Projects for partial fulfillments of the requirements of university.
  7. Industrial & Field Visits.
  8. Internal Tests.
  9. Research activities