ASCThis college offers courses in Arts, Commerce and Science. Each Course is of  03 years duration spread over Six Semesters.
The Medium of Instruction shall be in English and Kannada.

Bachelor of Arts:  (B.A.)

* Compulsory Languages : Basic English & Kannada or Hindi

Combinations of Optional Subjects :

*Any one of the following combination to be selected

  1. Hist. Eco. Pol.Sci
  2. Hist. Eco. Soc.
  3. Hist. Eng. Pol.Sc.
  4. Hist. Kan. Pol.Sc.
  5. Hist. Kan. Geo.

Bachelor of Commerce:  (B.Com.)

* Compulsory Languages : English / Kannada for I and II Semester
* Core Subjects: All compulsory subjects as prescribed by the Karnatak University, Dharwad

Bachelor of Science: (B.Sc.)

* Compulsory Languages : English / Kannada for I to IV Semesters

Combinations of Optional Subjects :

*Any one of the following combination to be selected

  1. Phy. Maths. Chem.
  2. Phy. Maths. Stat.
  3. Phy. Maths. Com.Sc.


  1. Attendance: Regular attendance is compulsory. Each student should have a minimum of 80% attendance to appear for the Semester Examination.
  2. Internal Exam: Each student has to face Two Internal Tests in each Semester which is compulsory.
    The test will be conducted for 20/25 marks on the 8th Week and the 12th Week after the re-opening of the college.
  3. Assignments/Projects: Writing of Assignments/Projects are compulsory.
  4. Seminars: Participating in Seminars and Group Discussion is compulsory.
  5. Industrial Visit for Science and Management Students is compulsory.
  6. VIVA is compulsory for management students.
  7. Qualifying Marks: The Qualifying aggregate mark for passing is 40. Each student has to score a minimum of 32 marks out of 80 in theory; otherwise he will be declared fail.
  8. Semester Exams: Each student has to face 2 Semester Exams in each academic year which is compulsory.


  1. Dress Code:The student should adhere to the “Dress Code System” prescribed by the College.
  2. Prohibitions: The use of Mobile phones, Chewing of Pan, Supari, Gutka, Tobacco, etc is strictly prohibited.
  3. ID Card: Wearing College Identity Card is mandatory in the college campus.
  4. Discipline: Maintaining discipline, Cleanliness and Decorum in the College campus should be followed by student.