The College Development Council (CDC) is core body of the college and its formation is based on the guidelines framed in the circular issued by the commissioner of collegiate education Bangalore. The members of this council help for the development of college by giving advice and suggestions for improving the quality of education.

1 Shri. Vinay Kulkarni Hon’ble MLA Dwd Rural Constituency -71 President
2 Shri Nagaraj Chabbi Hon’ble MLA Local bodies Member
3 Shri. Tirakappa G Balannavar Z P President Member
4 Smt. Umadevi Ullappa Gudadari Z P member Member
5 Shri. Shrikant Jamanal Member HDMC Member
6 Shri. Rajashekhra Naikal Educationist Member
7 Dr. Somashekhar D Khanadali Educationist Member
8 Shri. Gurupad V Patil Educationist Member
9 Shri. Virupaksha Matti Businessman Member
10 Shri. Shivashankar Hampannavar Businessman Member
11 Shri. Ningareddi T Tarikoppa Businessman Member
12 Shri. M S R K Prasad Industrialist- Tata motors Member
13 Shri. Shrikanth Hulamani Industrialist Member
14 Shri. Shailesh Hampannavar Industrialist Member
15 Shri. Suresh Yaligar SC/ ST’s Representative Member
16 Shri. B K Madivalar Backward Classes Representative Member
17 Smt. Shashikala Basavareddi Women’s  Representative Member
18 Shri. O K Swamy PWD Chief engineer Member
19 Dr. Pushpa H R District Health Officer Member
20  yet to be selected Girl Student’s Representative Member
21  yet to be selected Boy Student’s Representative Member
22 Prof. Ezaz Ahamed Principal Member Secretary
23 Smt. Laxmibai Kabadi Office Superintendent Treasurer