Calender of Events

Date Day Event
16.06.2014 Monday College reopening and Induction Program for B.A.,B.Com. and B.Sc. First year students
16.07.2014 Wednesday Inaugural of Cultural, Sports, NSS and Scouts Activities
15.07.2014-19.07.2014 Tuesday-Saturday Cultural Competitions
24.07.2014 Thursday Vanamahotsava
06.08.14-09.08.2014 Wednesday-Saturday Sports competitions
12.08.2014 Tuesday Liberians Day
15.08.2014 Friday Independence Day
20.08.2014-23.08.2014 Wednesday-Saturday First Internal Test
05.09.2014 Friday Teacher’s Day
08.09.2014 Monday World Literacy Day
10.09.2014-13.09.2014 Wednesday-Saturday Special Lecture Series-I
17.09.2014-20.09.2014 Wednesday-Saturday Second Internal Test
26.09.2014 Saturday Parents-Teachers Meeting
02.10.2014 Thursday Mahatma Gandhiji and Lalbahaddur  Shastriji Jayanthi
08.10.2014 Wednesday Maharshi Valmiki Jayanthi
15.10.2014 Wednesday Last Working Day for Odd Semester
01.11.2014 Saturday Karnataka Rajyotsava
08.11.2014 Saturday Kanakadasa Jayanthi
15.12.2014 Monday Even Semester College Reopening
22.12.2014 Tuesday One day workshop on Competitive Exams
01.01.2015 Thursday One day workshop on Personality Development
05.01.15-11.01.15 Monday to Sunday Annual NSS Camp
12.01.2015 Monday National Youth Day
26.01.2015 Monday Republic Day
31.01.2015 Saturday Parents-Teachers Meeting
02.02.2015-07.02.2015 Monday -Saturday Fun week
11.02.2015-14.02.2015 Wednesday -Saturday First Internal Test
18.02.2015-20.02.2015 Wednesday – Friday Special Lecture Series-II
27.02.2015 Friday Job Fair
03.03.2015-07.03.2015 Tuesday- Saturday Scouts Camp
08.03.2015 Sunday International Women’s Day
11.03.2015-14.03.2015 Wednesday -Saturday Second Internal Test
19.03.2015-20.03.2015 Thursday- Friday Janapada Jatre
22.03.2015 Sunday World Water Day
25.03.2015-24.03.2015 Wednesday – Thursday Annual Sports Meet
05.04.2015 Sunday Babu Jagajeevanaram Jayanthi
09.04.2015 Thursday Send off to final year students
10.04.2015 Friday Annual Day
14.04.2015 Tuesday Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Jayanthi
15.04.2015 Wednesday Last working day of Even Semester

Other Regular Events :

• Students Assembly on Tuesday
• NSS Activities on Selected Saturdays
• Study Circle Special Lectures on Second Monday of Every Month
• Class Representatives and Class Co-ordinators Meeting on the First Monday of Every Month
• Naipunya Nidhi, EDUSAT & Other Departmental Programmes according to Instructions by the DCE
• Semester Examinations will be held according to the schedule of Karnatak University, Dharwad
Prepared by : Dr. Tejaswini B.Yakkundimath Asst. Prof. of Economics, GFGC, Dharwad.